Guide Book for Philanthropy: Empowering Strategic Investments

The Guide Book for Philanthropy is a valuable resource designed to empower philanthropic organizations in making strategic investments that align with the vision and goals of the IE 2030 project. With insights, recommendations, and best practices, this guide is a compass to steer philanthropic efforts towards supporting the development and transformation of the Inland Empire.

Goals of the Guide Book:

  1. Align Investments with Community Priorities: The primary goal of the Guide Book is to guide philanthropic organizations in aligning their investments with the priorities and needs of the Inland Empire community. It provides a framework to understand the key challenges and opportunities in various sectors, ensuring that philanthropic efforts have a meaningful impact on the region’s development.
  2. Foster Collaborative Partnerships: The guide emphasizes the importance of fostering collaborative partnerships among philanthropic organizations, government agencies, community organizations, and other stakeholders. It provides guidance on how philanthropic organizations can leverage their resources, expertise, and networks to form strategic alliances and maximize their collective impact.
  3. Promote Equitable and Sustainable Development: Recognizing the importance of equity and sustainability, the guide encourages philanthropic organizations to prioritize investments that promote inclusivity, social justice, and environmental stewardship. It provides strategies for addressing systemic inequities, supporting underrepresented communities, and driving sustainable development in the Inland Empire.
  4. Amplify Multisolver Approach: Building on the core principles of the IE 2030 project, the guide underscores the significance of adopting a Multisolver Approach. It highlights the interconnectedness of various social, economic, and environmental challenges and encourages philanthropic organizations to support initiatives that address multiple dimensions simultaneously.

Importantly, the guide draws upon the insights gathered from community engagement sessions, research, and collaboration with diverse stakeholders. It serves as a tool to bridge the gap between philanthropic intentions and on-the-ground impact, helping organizations translate their philanthropic vision into strategic actions that contribute to the IE 2030 goals.

Stay tuned for the official release of the Guide Book on September 18th! On that date, you’ll have the opportunity to download the full version and explore how your philanthropic efforts can contribute to a brighter future for the Inland Empire.

Download the Philanthropy Guidebook Below