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Imagine IE 2030: 
A Community-Driven Vision & Roadmap for the Future

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First stage (Past Event)

Vision & Roadmap

Over 130 leaders from across the region participated in our first visioning session, and there was strong interest in empowering more people to lead visioning sessions in our diverse communities.

Here are resources from our March 2023 visioning exercise:


Second stage (Past Event)

Vision & Roadmap

This session explored the feasibility of proposed policies, including political, economic, technical, and administrative feasibility. Experts from diverse backgrounds came together to share their insights and recommendations on potential policy solutions that can help shape the future of the Inland Empire. 

What will you get as part of the IE 2030 community?

The Inland Empire is home to nearly 4.6 million residents. Between 2020 and 2021, the region gained 48,000 residents while Los Angeles County lost 184,000 residents. More generally, Riverside County has doubled in population in the last 30 years, and San Bernardino County has increased by 50% during the same time period.

Our region has tremendous assets and attractions—from the natural beauty of its mountains and valleys, to the dozens of colleges and universities in the region, the growth in healthcare jobs and facilities, and the millions of talented and diverse people who call the region home.

We also have growing challenges—including housing and education that are increasingly out of reach, commutes that get longer every year, and health challenges facing millions of people, particularly people of color and those living in rural areas.

IE 2030 is a partnership of over 20 organizations and leaders across one of the fastest-growing regions in the country. Our goals are simple, yet powerful.

Inspiring Vision for Success

Create an inspiring vision for success for our region and all its people

Address major issues affecting our community

Address major issues affecting our communities, including health and public safety, affordable housing, reliable transportation, lifelong learning, and a thriving natural world

Roadmap for Achievements for 2030 and beyond

Create a roadmap for achievements for 2030 and beyond, with changes in policies and a package of coordinated investments that can bring millions of dollars to our communities, and have lasting impact