Welcome to the Guide Book for Government Agencies: Empowering Collaborative Action! This comprehensive resource is designed to support government agencies in creating positive change in the Inland Empire. As we work together towards a brighter future, this guide provides valuable insights, strategies, and best practices to enhance collaboration, coordination, and collective impact among government agencies.

Goals of the Guide Book:

Our primary goal is to foster collaboration among government agencies. By promoting cross-agency partnerships and shared objectives, we aim to create a more cohesive and integrated approach to address the region’s challenges and opportunities.

We emphasize the importance of driving systemic change and transformative action. The guide provides guidance on how government agencies can leverage their resources, influence, and policymaking authority to drive sustainable and equitable development in the Inland Empire.

Community voices and perspectives are essential. We recognize the importance of meaningful engagement with residents and stakeholders. The guide offers strategies and tools for agencies to involve community members in decision-making processes, ensuring that policies and programs reflect their needs and aspirations.

Building on the central theme of the IE 2030 project, we underscore the significance of adopting a Multisolver Approach. The guide encourages government agencies to collaborate across sectors, developing integrated solutions that address multiple dimensions simultaneously.

Relationship to the IE 2030 Project:

The Guide Book for Government Agencies is an integral part of the broader IE 2030 project. It complements the Vision & Roadmap report and other resources by providing government agencies with practical strategies and actionable steps to implement the project’s recommendations effectively.

Drawing from community engagement sessions, research, and extensive collaboration with stakeholders, this guide bridges the gap between vision and action. It helps government agencies translate the aspirations of the IE 2030 project into concrete policies, programs, and initiatives.

By aligning their efforts with the IE 2030 project and utilizing the guidance provided in this guide, government agencies can play a pivotal role in driving positive change, fostering collaboration, and achieving the shared vision of a more innovative, resilient, inclusive, sustainable, and equitable Inland Empire. Stay tuned for the release and download the Guide Book to empower collaborative action in our region. Together, let’s create a thriving future for the Inland Empire.

Download the Government Organization Guidebook Below