In California, there are many government programs that provide additional social services to what is provided by the federal government. However, due to disproportionate and inadequate funding to Riverside and San Bernardino counties, the Inland Empire (IE) has many direct-service nonprofits that fill in the gap to provide social services for the region. Social Services, also known as public or welfare services, are an essential tool in the United States to help children, individuals, families, and vulnerable populations, have a safety net when struggling to meet their needs. People might use social services when their household income is below the median household income in their region, or for a number of varying reasons. Services include but are not limited to housing, food, older adults, children and families, health care, education, employment, and mental health. The goal of social services has changed over time, and as needs continue to change, so do the services. Although social services are a safety net for many children, individuals, and families, recipients using these services deal with constant stigma.